Is RENT in VANCOUVER Expensive? ($1000 – $2500) Rental Properties

Is RENT in VANCOUVER Expensive? (00 – 00) Rental Properties

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What is going on people 😀 Today we out here looking at the Apartments in Downtown Vancouver. Lots of people have let me know that this series has been helping them a lot, so I’ve decided to make another.Follow and send me a dm on Instagram @a.grizzI’d lover to hear if you guys have anything in Vancouver you’d like to see or learn more about in a future video.

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I’m currently on the YouTube grind #forthesubs !!People ask me; Is vancouver expensive, is rent expensive in vancouver, how much does vancouver cost, is vancouver a rip off? And this video may help answer a few of those questions.I’d love to hear what your guys thoughts are on these apartments are their prices. Personally, I believe it is too high. It is sad that young professionals and really anyone who isn’t making k per year cannot afford their own apartment. Nowadays we young people just gotta figure out more ways to make money, we got this !In this video we are taking a look at what rent is like in DOWNTOWN Vancouver. I have noticed prices are only slightly lower than normal because of the “flu thing” going around. I’ve got several APARTMENT Tours in Downtown Van setup for this channel as soon as we are able to meet with others again! Subscribe so you don’t miss those, they will be good ones! I’d love to hear any opinions about the rental and real estate market in general right now.My Instagram –
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Is RENT in VANCOUVER Expensive? (00 - 00) Rental Properties
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